Overjoyed Mom Happy To See His Son Who Was Biking Around The World for 7 Years


Timmis’ journey came to a sentimental end Saturday when he arrived home in Derby, England, hopped off his bike, and jumped into a sweet hug with his mom, who he hadn’t seen since 2014.

The Derby Telegraph record the emotional scene in a video that will immediately make you want to pick up the phone and thank your mom for being there.

Timmis, 35, and his mom last saw each other in 2014 when she flew to Taiwan to visit him.

“I actually felt quite nervous before he arrived but it was so good to see him,” Timmis’ mom Kim Kimberley, told the Derby Telegraph. “He has had an amazing experience and no doubt it will take some adjustment for him to be back but I am so pleased he is here.”

Timmis used his trip to collect $128,000 for the Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Centre, a charity that sends kids on trips. He logged 43,000 miles and visited six continents, all on the average daily budget of about $6, according to the BBC.

“The feeling of coming home has been incredible,” Timmis told the Derby Telegraph, “and seeing my mom for the first time in ages was a special moment.”

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