Perks of Travel Packages

Perks of Travel Packages

Travelling passion savvy’s find it interesting to explore new and different places and unveil their beauty. If you are one, who falls in this category, then a tour of the Golden Triangle is one which is sure to excite you. Golden Triangle package includes journey to Delhi, Jaipur and Agra, which sort of makes a triangle. With this trip, the fad for travelling along with exploring new and exciting places can be achieved. In fact, for those who delve at varieties, probably this comes in as a good option.

Benefits of choosing a package

There are various benefits of choosing a package travel. The foremost is that you save on money. Packages usually bundle up the hotel arrangement and the tourism in a way targeting the famous places and coupling it up with good rated hotels. All the more, the itinerary is organized in such a way that maximum places can be visited in a short span of time. So one reason to choose a package could be when you want more (in terms of sightseeing) for less (money).

The other benefit of selecting a package is that one gets to explore different places. Every place has a charm of its own. Variants in scenic beauty, food flavours and culture can be encountered which is exciting in a way. While Delhi is a more modern place, Jaipur gives the feel of a rustic place. All the more Jaipur stands for an array of colours, which are reflected in their clothes and fashion sense. Agra, on the other hand, is famous for its astute wonder of the world the Taj Mahal. Beautifully placed in the middle of the garden with two parallel streams flowing near it, this monument is worthy of admiration. Jaipur has Hawa Mahal and other palaces, which have been turned to resorts. Delhi, on the other hand, has umpteen monuments of historical and architectural importance Qutub Minar, Red Fort, Illtutmish Fort and Aurangzeb Fort to name a few. Variants in flavours can also be experienced. While Delhi has a more Punjabi flavour with a robust and rich appeal, Jaipur is known for its Dal batti with ghee while Agra is known for its sweet dish, the Petha. A package helps one to experience different flavours at one go.

Another benefit is that one can enjoy train food service while on the journey to golden triangle. Food in train is exciting and with plethora of options in terms of cuisines, one can actually experience different flavours. All the more, foods in trains can be pre- booked and this also helps in avoiding the hassles of carrying home cooked meal while travelling. Having food in the train itself becomes easy, convenient and at the same time adventurous.

Golden triangle package is a good option for those who want to have the best of North India in one trip only. So make plans with your friend and gift yourself a journey worth treasuring.


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