Photographer Shows The Brave Spirit of Kids in War Torn Countries

Emad Nassar

Emad Nassar is an award-winning photographer currently based in Gaza City, Palestine. Emad has gathered a large following on Instagram where he shares deeply powerful and touching photos of people in war-torn countries.

The photos that seem to resonate most with his growing audience are the ones he captures of children and their indomitable spirit and even in these hard times, these kids find a way to play with their friends and save their childhood from the monstrosity of war and profiteering.

Watching these pictures is simply heartbreaking and you will feel even more when you see your kids roaming around in a protected and peaceful environment. Don’t take your life for granted, this world is full of horrors.

Check out Emad Nassar’s Instagram feed where you can find more.

Palestinian children play on a wall, at al-Shati refugee camp in the west Gaza City . Photo by : Emad Nassar

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