Pirate-Themed Rum Bar Opened In Liverpool

Pirate-Themed Rum Bar Opened In Liverpool

If you are in a Liverpool area then you are in luck, There is a new awesome pirate themed rum bar opened in Liverpool.

Man’s Ruin will welcome drinkers aboard from Thursday, August 25, on Stanley Street .

As the brainchild of owners Joe McMahon, Adam Ramsey and Dan Friend, owners of Graffiti and Wall of Fame , Man’s Ruin will be situated within the trio’s newest property, formerly operating as Wonderland.

The directors say: “Not to be confused with our recent announcement of the over-21 nightclub Void, Man’s Ruin is a completely separate rum bar housed within the same 10 Stanley Street building.

“The concept for Man’s Ruin was inspired by a venue that we visited in America as we wanted to introduce something a little more edgy and out-there to this end of town.


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