Police Robot Carry Out A Road Stop In This Video

Police Robot

Reuben Brewer, a Senior Robotics Research Engineer in SRI International’s Applied Technologies and Science Department (ATSD) believes that traffic stops can be a dangerous experience. His solution is a police robot.

Check Out The Police Robot Created By Reuben Brewer In This Video

The video’s description reads, ‘every year: 16,915,140 drivers are pulled-over in traffic. 195,078 motorists have physical force used on them, and 4,488 officers are assaulted. 89 of those motorists die, and 11 of those officers die.’ In order to prevent such incidents from taking place and as an attempt to avoid such grim consequences, Reuben Brewer has come up with a ‘police robot’.

According to Reuben Brewer, the police robot is a robot ‘that can’t hurt or be hurt. Our robot goes between people to keep everyone safe.’ The police robot features a TV screen where the face of the officer can be seen. In the video, the police robot can be seen communicating with the driver using web cameras. It even has a telescopic robotic arm that can be reached out.

All of this started in the garage of Reuben Brewer. However, he now has big plans for his police robot that seems to be able to do almost everything that a real cop can. He says, ‘This prototype is a work in progress that I started in my garage and now work on at SRI international. It’s only part of the solution, but I hope one day it could save lives.’


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