Prepare To Never Sleep Again With This REAL Ghost Video


I know we have all seen fake and crappy “ghost” videos, but this is one is not fake or crappy! This is the real thing and if you are brave enough to watch it, Then be prepared to not sleep at night.

Here is the creepy video of a hydrant door allegedly opening and closing shut by itself and it’s freaking everyone out. Twitter user Enrique Lussich posted this video of the haunted hatch:

According to Massa News, the video was filmed by two caretakers in the Center for Comprehensive Care for Children and Adolescents (CAIC) in Araucária, Brazil. In the video, a security guard approaches the swinging door in a dark hallway, lit only by a flickering light. Once the guard gets close enough to the door, it stops slamming and the light stops flickering. When it finally quiets, the guard inspects the hydrant and finds nothing out of the ordinary.

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