Purpose Of Little Black Dots On The Edge Of Car Windscreen Explained

Black Dots On The Edge Of Car Windscreen Explained

There still are features in and on your automobile which may seem useless to you but serve a noble purpose. One such feature is the presence of black dots on the sides of your cars windscreen, its called the frit, and those are baked in a ceramic paint. Your car’s windshield is held in its place with the use of urethane sealant, which also keeps out the water during rainfall. However, the sealant can deteriorate on exposure to sun’s ultraviolet rays. Therefore, the frit protects it from excessive sunlight exposure. Besides that, the frit also helps in hiding up the glue on the edge of the windshield, which would otherwise ruin the aesthetics of the car.

The black dots of varying gradient that rise from the frit make your car look aesthetically appealing as they form a nice contrast with the windshield. Now go and tell your friends and be smarty pants.


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