Queen of Sh*tty Robots Just DIY’d Her Tesla Into a Pickup Truck

Tesla Pickup Truck

YouTuber Simone Giertz (aka the Queen of Sh*tty Robots) got bored of waiting for Tesla to launch their pickup truck, so she made her own—and she calls it Truckla.

To achieve her dream, Giertz teamed up with Bay Area mechanic and artist Marcos Ramirez, Tesla DIY enthusiast Richard Benoit (better known on YouTube as Rich Rebuilds), and German designer/YouTuber Laura Kampf. You can see a highlight of the whole build in the second video below which reveal all the trial and error it took to complete the Truckla.

Giertz first got online fame with her viral sh*tty robots, but most newly was diagnosed with brain tumors and has had to undergo life-threatening brain surgery many times.


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