Quest Factor: Escape Room Leaders in Seattle, Washington

Escape Room

Building and managing an escape room takes time, effort, skill, and imagination. Building a good escape room requires an extra layer of willingness and experience. Building a great escape room requires one more thing that can only be found in Seattle – Quest Factor. For the past few years, Quest Factor has been supplying Seattle and Shoreline with some of the best-themed escape rooms chock-full of state-of-the-art puzzles and movie-grade props. Take a look at Quest Factor’s escape rooms in Seattle!


Defining Quest Factor

Quest Factor is a motley crew of like-minded master artists with a very clear and singular goal – make the best possible escape rooms in the world! With roots in Seattle and slowly expanding into neighboring cities, Quest Factor has constructed up to 20 unique escape rooms and quests over 5 years. When building an escape room, Quest Factor’s approach is to take a well-known topic or trend and create the possibility for you to traverse through and experience it first-hand. As such, Quest Factor’s escape rooms have something for everyone. Be it if you would like to visit an island full of dinosaurs or unravel an Illuminati conspiracy or puzzle your way through the mystery of the missing racing broom, Quest Factor will have the appropriate escape room for you! Each escape room has a set difficulty with unique puzzles specific to their escape room. In other words, each Quest Factor escape room will surprise and entertain, and you will never see similar puzzles in any of the escape rooms.

Escape Room

Escape rooms

Quest Factor has a wide range of escape rooms, each with its brand of adventure. Going over each room will take more than a page, so I’ll give you the abridged version:

  • JURASSIC ISLAND ESCAPE ROOM – You are on an expedition on an island to retrieve an egg of a T-rex, an island where a failed scientific experiment recreated dinosaurs. Your goal is an abandoned science facility. The moment you set foot into the ruins of the facility you feel a sense of unease, you feel that all is not well…
  • SPACE WARS ESCAPE ROOM – You’re running out of time! In 60 minutes your home planet will be destroyed by a planet-busting weapon of unimaginable power. Infiltrate the weapons platform and stop the weapon from firing!
  • THE WIZARDING SCHOOL ESCAPE ROOM – The rival houses are preparing for a tournament. On the night before the game, your racing broom is stolen! It’s up to you to find your broom and get to the bottom of this.
  • GAME OF KINGS ESCAPE ROOM – Strife, malice, and betrayal have torn the land asunder and led to constant war between the four kingdoms. The great night is coming and the dead shall rise to rain doom and destruction upon the lords and their people. Find a way to unite the kingdoms before it is too late!
  • DA VINCI ESCAPE ROOM – After many years of hard work you have uncovered Da Vinci’s hidden workshop. Legend tells that one may find the fabled book of leaves somewhere in the workshop. A book with the power to change the course of history. Are you up to the task?
  • THE CASTLE ESCAPE ROOM – Retrace the steps of the Knights of the round table and find the ultimate artifact, the Holy Grail! But beware, the relic is guarded by traps and the ghost of ser Bors. Only those of pure heart will be able to make it to the end and place their eyes on the holiest of artifacts.
  • NATIONAL TREASURE ESCAPE ROOM – It’s a fake! The Declaration of independence is fake! The real document is kept in a secure vault among countless other artifacts by a secret society. Sneak into the vault and retrieve the declaration.
  • MAD SCIENTIST ESCAPE ROOM – A mad scientist sets off a nuclear reactor to destroy the city, a reactor that was supposed to rid the world of fossil energy. The clock is ticking, disarm the reactor before it is too late.

For more information on the escape rooms click here.

In a nutshell, Quest Factor has, is, and will continue to create and maintain some of the most excellent escape rooms in Seattle and the future beyond Washington. Come on by and see for yourself!

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