Reading the Ring: What Your Engagement Ring Says About You


Engagement Ring

There are so many different types of engagement rings available, and no matter your personal style, the ring you choose says a lot about you. Here’s a small guide to how your ring can help your personality shine. There’s a ring out there for every bride and every style.


If you chose a vintage engagement ring, it’s a clear sign that you value history and tradition. You aren’t worried about impressing anyone, and likely have a good relationship with older family members and value the knowledge and wisdom they possess.

Emerald Cut

When you chose your emerald cut ring, you are going for glamour. This is a showstopper for sure, and so are you. Your wedding plans probably include lots of crystal, and your wedding dress will probably be the main event as well.

Engagement Ring

Round Cut

Choosing a round-cut diamond makes you a traditionalist since it is the most popular cut by far, and for good reason. It goes well with many different traditional-looking settings, and shows that you know a classic never goes out of style.

Princess Cut

This square-shaped cut, seen at Best Brilliance rings, is perfect if you like the sensibility of a traditional ring with a bit of a twist. You have a modern, forward-thinking style, but are definitely grounded in reality. Your wedding dress might be simple and sleek.

Engagement Ring

Cushion Cut

You are the epitome of romanticism. Your wedding will likely include lace and plenty of flowers in soft, romantic colors. A cushion-cut diamond works well in vintage-style settings, so you, like the vintage bride, value things that last.

Oval Shaped

You’re a sophisticated bride who’s looking for something a little bit different. Because it can be cut in the same way as a round cut, an oval-shaped ring has all the sparkle of around, but the slightly different shape sets you apart from the crowd. Your wedding might be traditional, but there will definitely be some unique elements that speak to you as well.

Engagement Ring

Marquis Cut

If you chose a marquis-cut diamond, you’re a princess at heart. You probably also have a flair for the dramatic. The shape of a marquis-cut stone is meant to maximize the size of a diamond. Ball gown styled wedding dresses and perhaps even a horse-drawn carriage is in your future.

Colored Stone

When you chose a colored diamond or perhaps a different gemstone altogether, you are certain to stand out. You aren’t worried about conforming and would probably rather stand out a bit. Your wedding will contain many individualistic touches, providing guests with a completely unique experience.

Your wedding day is all about you, and your personality will go into a lot of the planning and preparation. Part of that is your engagement ring. Make sure you show off the side of yourself you most treasure with the ring to match!



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