The Reason Behind These Ancient Structures In Modern Iran Will Surprise You

Ancient Structures

Due to very high temperatures during summer in ancient Persia-present-day Iran-everyday tasks used to become a constant struggle for people.

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With no electricity whatsoever, there was no refrigerator to keep food from spoiling during summer. Hence the Persians from 4000 B.C came up with a genius idea.

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Hence came into being these bizarre structures known as theyakhchal, sort of an ancient form of modern day refrigerator. 

Pastaitaken / Wikimedia

Using a network of aqueducts, ancient Persians used to funnel water to these structures during the winter season.

Pastaitaken / Wikimedia

The walls of these structures were made out of organic insulators made of egg-whites, ash, goat hair, sand, lime, and clay. The material was called Sarooj. Once the water enters the vicinity of Yakhchal, it used to freeze right away.

Pastaitaken / Wikimedia

Once the water was frozen, the ice was removed to be used or to sell or for other commercial or residential puposes.

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The ice was not exclusively for the city’s elite only, everyone could use it as they liked.

It’s incredible what human mind can come up with in situation of crisis with no resources available and these ancient refrigerators is a proof of the genius of our species.

The Persian Fusion

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