Reasons You Should Consider CBD Cream For Your Medicine Cabinet 

CBD cream is a “topical,” the term designated for a substance that can be applied directly to a targeted spot of the body to relieve symptoms associated in that area. Cannabidiol boasts properties capable of providing therapeutic benefits with its application. But are there differences between the various ointments, balms, salves, and creams?

Technically, the difference is in the consistency and will likely affect the way it’s absorbed into the skin. The water concentration tends to be considerably higher for cream products and lotions allowing for a smoother application and absorbing much faster. Oil is of a greater concentration in the balms and ointments resulting in a gradual absorption process.

If you’re unsure which product to opt for, you’ll find a vast array of choices online, see Cheef Botanicals website, with recommendations on the uses. If you have a specific medical condition, it’s wise to consult with your physician concerning the optimum application. It might be just a matter of personal preference relating to what feels better for you.


CBD Cream Benefits as A Topical Application

The important thing to note is the research is ongoing for cannabidiol meaning the effects of the compound are not entirely known. The substance cannot be considered a cure or something magical that will fix all the problems that you face. The products, though, including the topicals do show promise in relieving symptoms for specific conditions.

  • Management of Pain: Whether you are involved in a strenuous fitness regimen or restricted to a sedentary job with little movement throughout the day, there is significant potential for muscle aches. In working with the endocannabinoid system, cannabidiol helps to regulate pain sensations by elevating the number of cannabinoids that fight pain in the body.

Typically, where there is pain, there is inflammation, for which studies performed on animals have proven CBD topicals capable of reducing pain resulting from inflammation. Cannabidiol is a powerful anti-inflammatory. There is potential with topicals for help with 1) chronic, localized pain 2) arthritis 3) sore muscles 4) generalized joint pain 5) multiple sclerosis

  • Acne: Claims suggest that the cream has the potential to treat, and possibly prevent acne. The indication is that the products when absorbed inhibit “lipid synthesis,” in turn, limiting the skin’s ability to overproduce sebum or the oil responsible for clogging pores. Topicals can possibly benefit from 1) inflamed, red/puffy skin 2) acne 3) eczema 4) psoriasis 5) patchy, flaky skin, and 6) rashes. Read this to learn more about the benefits of topicals for acne.
  • Various Infections: Cannabidiol boasts having strong “antimicrobial” and “antibiotic” properties, research shows, in addition to its anti-inflammatory benefits deeming it the ideal topical for infection control of the skin. Researchers are hopeful for its potential in combating “drug-resistant” bacteria responsible for infections such as staph. Creams containing the compound have the possible capability to help with cases of 1) infections like MRSA 2) insect bites 3) burns 4) generalized infections 5) cuts/scrapes

CBD oils, edibles, and capsules that are ingested find their way into the bloodstream inducing relaxation by reducing stress and anxiety. Topicals including cannabidiol cream do not reach the bloodstream. Still, many who use the products find them relaxing, perhaps due to the soothing sensation when massaging the substance into the skin.

The idea that the compound is purportedly relieving the symptoms ailing the body might induce a sense of calm and relaxation over the body also allowing the person to rest comfortably. Learn how to use the hand lotion products here.


Final Thought

While it’s minimal, the research is solid as to the effects cannabidiol topicals have when applied to affected areas of the body. These are merely the early findings. It will be exciting to learn of the various discoveries as the research continues, though the progress is gradual and slow.

That’s not preventing manufacturers from developing innovative ways to implement the compound into the daily lives of people everywhere. There are a wide variety of products from lip balms, bath bombs, and anything to ensure you’re covered from “head to toe” in the substance meant to soothe and relieve symptoms that might be negatively affecting you. CBD is quickly finding a regular spot in most medicine cabinets with little chance of disappearing anytime soon.

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