Remember Trump Starring in Ads for Socks and Pizza?

Donald Trump

Donald Trump was not just appeared in The Apprentice as the host, but he also appear on TV commercials in Australia! It was a long time ago but still it happened.

Take this 2004 ad for socks, “You know what Jerry, go out and get some computer stocks. They never go down!” Trump said. He was paid A$250,000 for the appearance, which consisted of a half-day of shooting. Not so bad then.

But this is not it, Trump also did an ad for the Australian arm of Pizza Hut back in 2000.

“Napoleon. Alexander the Great. Donald Trump. We’re all cut from the same cloth, and that cloth is very, very large,” Trump says in the commercial. Of course he’d compare himself to those two.

Now he pissed the prime minister of Australia, I think his Australian modelling days are over now. I miss those days when he was just a model, actor and a rich man and nothing else.

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