Samsung Engineers Use Old Samsung Phones To Build A Bitcoin Mining Rig

Samsung-Bitcoin Mining Rig

C-Lab, an engineering team from Samsung came up with this stroke of genius as they used 40 Samsung Galaxy S5s to make a bitcoin mining tower. This was presented at the developer conference in San Francisco. They also created really cool inventions like an old Galaxy tablet turned into an Ubuntu-powered laptop and a used Galaxy S3 that is now functioning as a fish tank monitor.

(Source: Motherboard)

Bitcoin mining is essential for the longevity of the cryptocurrency. It keeps the network safe and secure as well as making sure that all transactions are being completed fairly. It can be done by anyone with the right equipment and knowledge. Normally it requires a high powered CPU but Samsung engineers have proved that it can be accomplished with a little ingenuity.

Samsung spokesman, Robin Schulz, told online media “This innovative platform provides an environmentally responsible way for old Galaxy mobile devices to breathe new life, providing new possibilities and potential extended value for devices that might otherwise be forgotten in desk drawers or discarded.”

If you ever considered being a bitcoin miner, it has never been this easy before. Samsung has promised to release the software they used to hack their devices as well as the plans and designs for the showcased inventions so anyone can be a miner, sitting right at home.


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