Samsung Galaxy S8 Reveals The Same Battery Used In The Note 7

Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be available on Friday, April 21st. Enthusiasts and tech bloggers are already up on the task of revealing itsy bitsy details of the new smartphone.

iFixit has published a teardown of the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy  S8+. The outcome might come as a surprise to you as the teardown expert has revealed that the Samsung’s new phones packing the same battery as the explosive Galaxy Note 7.

Having the same battery does not necessarily mean it is going to explode too. After the Note 7 disaster, Samsung announced that it would run an eight-step quality assurance test which will prevent any future batteries from exploding.

A Youtube channel called What’s Inside put an electric saw through the S8 pinching its battery, and this probably should not be a surprise that the battery did not catch fire. All it did was swell up, and release foul-smelling liquids but that was all, no fire and no explosion.

iFixit didn’t find the exact changes the company had made to the battery but they did say, “The Samsung Galaxy S8+ battery voltage, capacity, and design tolerances are virtually identical to the Note 7. Our unit’s battery even came from the same manufacturer as some Note7 batteries.”

The teardown of the phone showed that the battery is glued in place and covered by many other components which mean more expensive repairs and replacements.

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