‘Sasquatch skull’ Found on Mars

'Sasquatch skull' Found on Mars

YouTube user Paranormal Crucible shared a video this week showing an enhanced look at an image of the surface of Mars. The focus is an oddly shaped rock that looks like it has eyes, a nose, an upper jaw and a well-preserved cranium. You can definitely see it and say, “Ha! That kind of looks like a skull.”

NASA’s Curiosity rover took the original photo in late May. Throw in some extreme shadow enhancements via computer and the object really pops out with two vacant eye sockets. The dramatic video soundtrack helps to ramp up the excitement level with a well-placed drum roll.

It’s not a skull. It’s a rock. But it’s fun to imagine the possibilities. Paranormal Crucible declares it to be “obviously alien in nature” and speculates as to whether it originates from the remains of a Sasquatch or a “bizarre Martian creature.” Personally, I love the idea of hairy Bigfoot stomping around on Mars in some alternate-universe version of the distant past.

UFO and alien enthusiasts claim to have seen a delightful smorgasbord of objects on the far-off planet’s surface. It all really kicked off with the famousface on Mars image from 1976, which, on closer inspection, turned out to bejust a lumpy mess.

Last year, alien fans picked out a a rock that looked a bit like a statue of a Neo-Assyrian god. My current all-time favorite is this fish-shaped formation that makes it look like someone reeled in a catch-of-the-day on the Red Planet. At least Bigfoot will have something to eat.

(Via Yahoo)

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