Sci-Fi Noir Movie WETWARE Trailer with Jerry O’Connell


Gravitas Ventures has unveiled a new trailer for an upcoming sci-fi noir film which is called Wetware. The film stars Jerry O’Connell, and it was written and directed by Jay Craven.

The film is set in “a near future where there are tough and tedious jobs no one wants to do – and people down on their luck who volunteer for genetic modifications to make them right for this work — in slaughterhouses, infectious disease wards, landfill, and other hard jobs. With business booming, programmers at Galapagos Wetware up the stakes by producing high-end prototypes, Jack (Bret Lada) and Kay, for more sensitive jobs like space travel, deep cover espionage, or boots on the ground for climate or resource conflicts. Galapagos genetic programmer Hal Briggs (Cameron Scoggins) improvises as he goes on what qualities to include or delete in his gene splicing for Jack and, especially, Kay, to whom he develops a dangerous attachment. Then word gets out that Jack and Kay have escaped before Briggs has completed his work. As Briggs scrambles to track his fugitive prototypes, he makes a provocative discovery that changes everything.”

The movie also stars Cameron Scoggins, Bret Lada, and Aurélia Thiérrée, and it will be released in select theaters and on VOD on December 11, 2021.

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