Scientists Vic Tandy At Coventry University May Have Found An Explanation For Ghosts

Okey. This may explain some things that can be explained. But I have seen ghosts, a fairy, and other creatures when I was younger. And I was not hallucinating because I had a friend who also had an open third eye who sees the creatures I see. And those ghosts are not just blobs or smoky figures. We once saw a black lady, a full figured human doned in black that we clearly saw- at that time, there were 7 of us, and only me and my other friend with the open third eye saw her. And when I see ghost, I am not a scaredy-cat that panics and runs. I look closely, focusing my eyes on where they stand. And sometimes I see them for more than 2-3 minutes. So there are still things that science can’t explain. And regarding the fairy, both me and my sister saw it. What it was like? Like Tinkerbell, with green glow and fairy dust trailing behind it when if flies. There are also very tall men. Thankfully, I don’t quite see them as often anymore.

Explanation For Ghosts


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