Shark Proof Wetsuit Created With Bite Resistant Nanofibre

Shark Proof Wetsuit

Surfers and watersports enthusiasts that would like to enjoy their favorite pastime in waters with sharks, may be interested in a new range of shark-proof wetsuits constructed using shark bite-resistant Nanofiber technology. The high-strength design provides a 50% greater strength to weight ratio than Kevlar and is extremely tolerant to cuts in and out of the water.

Shark Stop shark proof wetsuit benefits

Shark Stop fabric has been put through rigorous testing with live shark bites as well as in the laboratory at Flinders University and has far outperformed anything else on the market. These results have been peer-reviewed by a scientific panel. This research has found that the fabric can withstand the considerable force of the shark bite while sustaining minimal pin-prick size punctures on only the most severe bite attacks.”

If the Shark Stop crowdfunding campaign successfully got its required pledge goal and fullfilment goes smoothly, shipping is expected to take place around July 2022. To know more about the Shark Stop shark-proof wetsuit project view the video below.

“Shark Stop bite-resistant wetsuits incorporate space-age ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene nanofibre (UHMWPE). UHMWPE has a strength-to-weight ratio 50% greater than Kevlar, and 8-15x greater than steel. UHMWPE nanofibres are high modulus and abrasion-resistant, along with being UV resistant and lightweight with low density. This technology is widely used in ballistic protection and defense applications.”

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