Shenzhen City Got A Brand New Fleet Of 16000 Electric Buses

Shenzhen City Revealed A Fleet Of 16000 Electric Buses

Shenzhen, China just revealed a massive fleet of 16,000 electric buses that will facilitate 12 million people. Electric vehicles were a symbol of the elite when they first launched but due to efforts of companies like Tesla and Baidu, they are now accessible to everyone and provide an efficient alternative to conventional diesel vehicles.

The electric revolution is at its peak and not only individuals and businesses understand the economic value the electric vehicles have to offer but the governments are encouraging it too. One day, all the local commute could be switched to electric and there is no better example than China.

According to the estimates, this fleet will save 345,000 tons of fuel per year the carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by 1.35 million tons. Shenzhen does not aim to stop here and is looking to the future. Zheng Jingyu, head of the public transport department in Shenzhen states, “We will gradually replace the existing fuel-powered cabs with electricity-powered ones and complete the target by 2020, or even ahead of schedule”.

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