Smart Locks: The Advantages of Smart Technology for Your Home

Smart Locks

Many homeowners work diligently to turn their home into a futuristic environment while looking for a more modern style. One of the best ways to start is the Smart Home Electronics. Although you find a limited number of products in the current market, it is important to keep in mind that this is a work in progress, but that they are the future. A Smart lock is a very innovative door lock, which allows the user to access it, with no keys. Instead, blocking can usually be controlled from the user’s smartphone. The details will depend on the make and model, but some are also able to detect the presence of the smartphone. Once the phone is near the lock, it will be disconnected, and the consumer will be able to enter his home without doing anything else.

Advantages of Smart Locks

Although there have been a lot of changes, it’s true that smart home technology is changing things a lot. With smart appliances for the home, the consumer’s life and the mundane tasks they perform every day will undergo a significant transformation. In this guide, you’ll learn more about smart locks and how you can change your life in the end.

No keys needed

The most advantageous aspect associated with this type of device is the fact that you will not need a traditional key anymore. Without the need for a password, you will never have to worry about copying a password, which can be time-consuming and costly. At the same time, you will never have to hide a key under your doormat.

Effortless access

Have you ever been on vacation and had to deal with a devastating event at home, but could not solve the problem because you could not allow someone to access your home? This happens more than you can imagine, as millions of people work outside the state or country in which they live. You should not be dissuaded from these rare situations, nor obliged to look for another job. Instead, you need to invest in a smart lock. These locks offer a lot of comfort and peace of mind as they allow you to create an electronic key, which can be sent to any inbox in seconds. Once the recipient has received the dongle, you can instantly access your home.

Total control

Not having the skills to control what’s going on in your home, while you’re on vacation, can be very annoying for an owner. This problem will become a thing of the past once your home is turned into a smart home. It is very likely that many people do not know this term. It is therefore essential to learn about this home automation technology. Smart Home devices not only control your home but also offer a host of amenities.

Locked Out No More

Nothing is worse than returning from work only to find out that you have been stuck or have forgotten your keys. Typically, this would require a call to a locksmith to re-enter. With a smart lock, it will not be a problem anymore. Instead, you can use your phone to enter your home. Since your phone never leaves you, there is a good chance it never closes.

Easy access to others

Finally, be aware that these locks are delivered with electronic keys. The owner of the house can easily assign these keys to his friends, family, and repairers, either temporarily or permanently. This will give them access to the home permanently or for a limited time and they will not have to be home to let them in.

Bluetooth capabilities

Most electronic devices are equipped with Bluetooth chips. This technology allows two Bluetooth devices to communicate with each other. The best Smart Locks are provided with the Bluetooth chip, allowing you to interact with your iOS and Android devices, for example, Schlage Sense or Kwikset SmartCode. The Bluetooth range varies from device to device, but with Smart Lock, you’ll find that it’s between 40 and 60 feet. Most smart locks are now equipped with the automatically unlock function. In other words, once your source device is in range of Bluetooth, the smart lock automatically opens your door. This is an incredible technology that cannot be ignored as it offers the homeowner effortless access to your home.

Home automation systems

With the growing popularity of Smart Home devices, many companies are developing software that allows all users to combine all their devices. This software will enable you to control all your devices via this application, while you will find more technological automation systems, this is the pure basic form of this type of service. You cannot yet see the benefits of home automation, but consider how difficult it is to control each of your Smart Home devices individually through separate applications.

Disadvantages of smart locks

One of the problems with smart lock is that if you forget that your cell phone or battery is running out, you have any problems accessing your premises. This is not possible with the conventional lock, and you only need a key to enter the premises.

In case of the problem of recognition of the device, you will not be able to enter your premises. Here and there, the control unit stops suddenly to work and you will not be able to close the door properly or access the interior.

Smart locks, especially those that are not updated continuously, can be manipulated. As electronic devices, they can be ignored by computer experts who can create fake unauthorized access codes with smartphones. This is a questionable practice. However, it’s not so problematic for people who are familiar with the world of electronics.

If the lock is not updated, the lock may be changed. Computer experts will have the opportunity to manipulate them and enter their premises.


Smart locks have been installed in vehicles for many years, but they are now for residential and commercial businesses. Take the time to research this incredible technology, but remember it’s still a work in progress. All in all, these locks are incredibly useful and offer many amenities. Be careful when buying because some of them are not ready for prime time.


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