SNL Mocks Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi Ad With Behind The Scenes Skid

Pepsi Ad

”Saturday Night Live” took on Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi commercial with a reimagined behind-the-scenes look at some golden-boy director who’s convinced he’s got a killer diversity ad.

The director, played by Beck Bennet, gets a call from his sister, and he waxes rhapsodic about the ad as a “kind of an homage to the resistance.” Jenner hands a Pepsi to a cop at a Black Lives Matter protest when things start to go bad, he explains,  and “that Pepsi brings everybody together. Isn’t that like … the best ad ever?”

He finally begins to get a clue: “Sort of tone deaf? We’re just using them … to sell soda?” As he’s surrounded by a joyless cast of characters on the set: an Asian cello player, black dancers, and women in headscarves.

Out pops Jenner (Cecily Strong) from her trailer talking to someone on her cell: “Um, I stop the police from shooting black people by handing them a Pepsi. I know. It’s cute, right?”

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