Software to Help Supplier Collaboration


There is a lot of pressure on supply chains. On the business side, supply chains are pushed to become more efficient, cheaper, and faster. On the consumer side, supply chains need to be all of the above but also need to care for the environment and well-being of those working within it. Though it can be challenging, it can be achieved. Your company can provide exceptional service to your B2B customers while also ensuring the transparency and sustainability that the end consumer now demands. The only requirement is that you improve collaboration so that when it comes to choosing a supplier in the future, your company is the best choice.

Improving collaboration between all of your suppliers and your B2B customers is essential. Only when the entire supply chain works together can improvements be made and money be saved. To start, you need to look at your suppliers as business partners, because at the end of the day that is what they are. To improve collaboration in this way, you will want to invest in the following software:


Omnia B2B Supplier Portals 

An Omnia supplier portal is a great application to add. It gives you greater control over the supply chain function of your business without the typically complicated integration process. You can get your Omnia portal from wearability and benefit instantly from a more streamlined supply chain and real-time data decision making. It is ideal for providing better communication throughout your supply chain all while reducing the typical admin costs and time-wasting back-and-forth emails or phone calls.


Cloud Hosting

To fully realize the potential of your software, you will want to take it off your company’s servers and instead host it online. Hosting and managed services help you by providing quality IT teams, flexible data storage, as well as the ability to access your data anywhere, at any time. This will provide greater agility to your entire business as well as reduced costs across the board.


Conference Tools and Software

With the right software and a conference camera, you will be able to host professionally formatted meetings without physically visiting your suppliers. This way you can engage in healthy dialogue and work through challenging problems together.


Sustainability Software

On top of Enterprise Sustainability Management software, there is also a variety of reporting and testing options out there to give your company and your supply chain the green light. Though not strictly necessary, improving your supply chain and achieving these rankings is a great way to boost sales and make yourself more competitive in the future. The most prominent brands in the world are being pressured to do better, from Coca-Cola, who have been reported to waste over 3 million tons of plastic every year in packaging, to big-name fashion brands. By offering a greener supply chain that has been recognized and analyzed by NGO and governmental bodies, you can appeal to these giant organizations and become their go-to supplier in the future.

When your business is up and running as smoothly as possible, as well as running as cost-effectively as possible, you can pass these savings on. With Omnia B2B Supplier Portals, you will also be able to improve collaboration among your suppliers, and together you can work on creating an efficient, more socially responsible supply chain that future businesses will be clamoring to buy from.

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