Solar System Is Not at All Like We Think It Is


The Earth is round, Mercury is the hottest planet, and the Sun is yellow. It would seem that these are all simple, undeniable facts known even to those with no real knowledge about astronomy.

Check out this collection of the most common mistaken theories about the Solar System together with the true facts that expose them as incorrect.

This is true, yet paradoxically not true at the same time. The shape of our planet is constantly changing due to the unending movement of the continental plates. Of course, the rate at which they move is very small — on average about 5 cm a year. But this still has an effect on the planet’s “appearance,” which is, in fact, far from perfectly round.

However, it should be pointed out that the sensational image below that supposedly shows the real shape of the Earth is actually a model of the planet’s gravity. It was created from satellite data and doesn’t show the true shape of our home. Instead, it merely demonstrates the differences in the strength of the Earth’s gravity at different points around it.

Source: ESA

The view that the Sun’s rays shine on only one side of the Moon, leaving the other side in permanent darkness, is quite widespread. This belief results from the fact that our satellite only ever has one side facing the Earth, while the other is impossible to observe from the ground.

But, in fact, the Sun shines and warms both the visible and invisible parts of the Moon. The truth is that the period the Moon takes to revolve on its axis coincides with the amount of time it takes to orbit the Earth, and this is why we only see one side of it.

Source: discovermagazine


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