SpaceX Releases The First Test Video Of The Largest Rocket Ever Made For Mars Missions

Falcon Heavy

SpaceX’s mission to Mars took an enormous step towards becoming a reality as we got to see the Mars-bound rocket, Check out the first Falcon Heavy’s footage below.

The new video demonstrates the Falcon Heavy on its pad as SpaceX tests the rocket’s engines.

Falcon Heavy is the largest rocket yet developed by the company and is the icon for Elon Musk’s spaceflight organization. The rocket is destined to send robotic payloads to the Red planet, and once it successfully does so, it will also be used to send people out to galactic destinations.

Falcon Heavy is a reusable rocket, which is becoming more of a trademark for SpaceX rockets, which means that SpaceX will land the rocket’s stages back on Earth after hurtling it into space, thus reducing the cost of launching it into orbit.

Falcon Heavy is expected to make its maiden voyage to space later this year and every space nerd is excited about the launch. check out the test footage below.


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