Stephen Colbert Explains Trump’s Backing of Social Distancing Protests ‘He’s like Angry Tinkerbell’

Stephen Colbert

Its checks note eleventeen days into lockdown and we’re all beginning to get, as Stephen Colbert puts it, “a little kooky in the ol’ squirrel cage.” For me, that’s showing as a desire to read a lot of murder mysteries. For Colbert, it’s work-drinking and questioning his teenage son about whether Toni Morrison’s Beloved is funny. For a lot of peoples in several states, it’s glomming onto illogical, heavily astroturfed demonstrations against social distancing measures.

Colbert pointed out one protester in Washington state holding a sign reading “Give me liberty or give me COVID-19.”

“Buddy, you’re in a large crowd, you’re not wearing a mask, you’re not six feet away from people — you might not need to choose.”

“I get that this is the land of liberty,” Colbert went on, “but these protesters aren’t just putting themselves at risk. The whole reason we are socially distancing in the first place is to prevent the spread of the virus, especially to our older relatives. I mean, there’s a reason the Boston Tea Partiers didn’t throw Nanna in the harbor.”

Colbert also called out Trump’s endorsement of both social distancing measures and the protests, with his now-infamous “LIBERATE” tweets.

“To be clear, Trump is now encouraging people to protest his own recommendations — that’s how much he needs to hear a chanting mob. He’s like Angry Tinkerbell. ‘Quick, kids! Scream LOCK HER UP or I’ll die.’”


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