Stranger Things Season 2 Is “Insane,” Actors Say

Stranger Things Season 2

Creators Matt and Ross Duffer previously referred to Season 2 as being “darker and weirder,” so much so that people may enjoy the first season better.

The story for Stranger Things Season 2 will be “insane,” according to actor David Harbour, who plays Police Chief Hopper in the ’80s-set sci-fi Netflix series.

Speaking to a crowd at New York Comic-Con today of journalists that included EW, Harbour said, “We did get the first couple scripts and it’s insane.”

He also teased what many fans had expected, a love triangle between Nancy, Jonathan, and Steve. Harbour referred to this as “one of the great love triangles of the series.”

“Even when I was watching I felt torn,” Harbor said in reference to the events of Stranger Things Season 1. “They both were so three-dimensional… There will be more of that for seasons to come.”

Millie Bobby Brown, the 12-year-old actress who plays Eleven on the show, said she’s “okay” with Nancy and Steve being together instead of Nancy and Jonathan. She and Harbour also stressed that Barb is very much dead and will not rise from the grave for Season 2, though the show will honor her.

Brown also teased that her character Eleven doesn’t stop loving Eggo waffles in Season 2.

“I do not like how many I eat. The amount I eat is actually really hard to digest,” she said.

Stranger Things Season 2 debuts in 2017.

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