Stunning iPhone 7 Plus Photos Taken By Pro Photographers

 iPhone 7 Plus Photos

Just how good are the iPhone 7 Plus’ dual rear cameras? Good enough for Sports Illustrateda nd ESPN photographers to shoot with and proudly publish online.

On Sunday, Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted out a link to Sports Illustrated with photos of the Titans vs. Vikings NFL game taken by the publication’s photographer David. E. Klutho.

It doesn’t take a professional photographer to decode what Cook is saying: The iPhone 7 Plus’ cameras rock and can shoot sports, one of the more challenging types of action to capture, what with all the moving athletes and tiny little balls flying through the air.

The iPhone 7 Plus is the first iPhone with dual 12-megapixel rear cameras. One camera is a standard wide-angle lens and the second camera is a telephoto lens that allows for up to 2x optical zoom. It’s also capable of up to 10x digital zoom.

With a new image signal processor that’s capable of calculating over 100 billion operations in 25 milliseconds and improved lenses that let in more light, the iPhone 7 is reportedly capable of performing better in low light situations and producing photos with more accurate colors.

A software update that will be made available by the end of the year will also enable “Portrait” mode, which blurs out the background to render bokeh (the out of focus background that’s the result of a large aperture — that’s a low f-stop number — and shallower depth of field).

iPhone 7 Plus Photos iPhone 7 Plus Photos iPhone 7 Plus Photos iPhone 7 Plus Photos


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