Stunning Photos of the Far Side of the Moon By Israel’s Beresheet Lander

Beresheet Lander

Israel’s Beresheet lander dropped into lunar orbit, and to celebrate this milestone, SpaceIL’s team released some awesome photos that the spacecraft took of the far side of the Moon.

On April 4, Israel became the seventh nation to successfully orbit the Moon, and on April 11, Beresheet will attempt to achieve a lunar touchdown. There aren’t a lot of details on the new photographs, however, SpaceIL noted that the image of the far side of the Moon was taken from 292 miles above the Moon, while the second picture shows the far side of the Moon with our planet in the background.

Before it orbited the Moon, Beresheet spent nearly six weeks traveling away from Earth. On its journey, it captured a sunrise from space. It also snapped a picture when it passed our planet for the last time, which showed Earth’s round shape (Not flat) and colorful hue in a birds-eye view.

Beresheet will have a two Earth-Day surface mission on the Moon, where it will study the Moon’s landscape, including its craters and topography, and analyze the Moon’s local magnetic field. Once it’s done, Beresheet will prepare to head back to Earth and end up its lunar mission.


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