Stunning Small Cabin Overlooking Gorgeous Tasmania


Inspired by Scandinavian design and the Tasmanian beauty, travel writer and Airbnb host Alice Hansen made a minimalist yet sophisticated little cabin that marries local charm and stylish convenience.

Starting with two separated pods joined at an enormous skylight, the home comes with amazing amenities that discerning Airbnb travelers have to come to hope in just a 40sqm/430sqft space. The overall design is meant to look as if the structure is hovering among the signature Lewisham landscape. When you walk in, every space is visible with floor-to-ceiling windows at the back that showcase the beach, sand dunes, and pine trees. In fact, the feel of Tasmania can be seen in nearly every detail of the little but refined space.

The exterior and much of the furniture are made from Tasmanian materials, including the focal point fireplace, which was designed and built by local blacksmith Pete Mattila. The pod also comes with a kitchen, reading nook, elevated sleeping room with a retractable skylight, bathroom, laundry, pull-out guest bed, laundry, and a lot of storage space. Hansen keeps it stocked with local products like champagne, books, and bath salts for her guests. But perhaps the most-loved and unique aspect of this cabin is the handmade outdoor bath travelers can unwind, luxuriate, and take in the spectacular scenery.

You can book to stay at this incredible cabin, which has 4.85 stars and 85 reviews on Airbnb.

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