Sugar Kills, Deliciously Unsettling Ads Showing What Sugar Can Do to Our Bodies

Sugar Kills

Thai designer Nattakong Jaengsem has created Sweet Kills, It is one unsettling and disturbing diabetes awareness campaign that gives us a bizarre look at what too much sugar can do to our bodies. these are disturbing images I know but don’t look away, diabetes is a really slow killer and very real. My parents got this disease and it is brutal and heartbreaking to see them suffering like that. Diabetes makes a mess of your body and effects every organ and for me no sweets in the world can worth all that. Trust me. Spread the word against diabetes with your loved ones.

Nattakong Jaengsem his Photoshop skills, Nattakong edited images to make it look as if people are suffering from out of control infections made of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry sweets. Share the post, spread the message.

Sugar Kills Sugar Kills Sugar Kills Sugar Kills Sugar Kills


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