Summer House With A Pool On Its Roof Is a Thing Of The Future

Summer House

We all want one summer house by the sea; a place where we can while away the long, sun-kissed days in style and relax while reestablishing a much-needed connection with nature. Anti Reality, an original page that blurs the lines between art and architecture.

The main feature of the ‘Summer House’ is its roof. Inverted into a concave form, it makes a basin that is just ideal for a pool, so you can relax with a glass of something and watch the sunset over the sea, It can be filled with rainwater so you might can recycle that water.

The pool is reached by a ladder on the exterior of the house, which is intended to be perched on the edge of a cliff.

“My goal was to create a reverse version of a roof that can be adapted as a swimming pool,” Anti Reality told Bored Panda. “The roof structure is supported by 3 cores, two of them are the kitchen and bathroom, and this is where I was planning to adapt drainage pipes. It’s very idealistic but there is a logic behind the concept.”

“The 85-square-meter large building is set in a rocky seaside area with direct contact with water. The house comprises two principal parts: a living space and a swimming pool located on the roof. In the building plan with a triangle-based layout, one can distinguish a central living area and an external passage with a panoramic view of the seaside.”

’The structure of the building is based on three structure cores that contain: a bathroom, a kitchen, and a bedroom. These cores are situated inside an open multi-functional space that serves among others as a living room and a dining room.”

“These small oval rooms (located inside of structural cores) constitute the only permanent element of the interior. The living area is determined by a mobile panel wall that allows one to freely arrange the space. This gives the building the opportunity to be adapted to the current needs of its users.”

“One of the key design intents was to create a building that would be completely open to the surroundings, providing the possibility to observe and engage in direct contact with nature. The Summer House has been designed with seasonal recreation and weekends outside the city in mind.”


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