The prototype is a single car super maglev which is currently present at its test track and at first look, resembles a child’s toy that is bigger than usual. However, do not be fooled by the looks for this ain’t any child’s play. The whole setup has been made so as to achieve the optimum temperature throughout the motion and to obtain consistent speeds. The test track also allows the Doctor to take air out of the equation; hence, air resistance is turned to zero from the train’s set path.

As is with such advancements; tests sure are going at a slow pace, but even though that is the case simulations have supported the claim that the super-maglev will be able to attain speeds of at least 373 Mph. So what we are looking at is a top speed which is 62 Mph faster than what Japan has achieved so far or plans to do so. Dr. Zigang however stipulates that in ideal conditions, his train will be able to achieve a speed of 621 Mph.

The Super Maglev Train is in The Works The Super Maglev Train is in The Works