Tahiti Yacht Charters

Tahiti Yacht Charters

Tahiti is an island located in the central part of the Pacific Ocean. It is the biggest representative of the French Polynesia islands. This fantastic place is well-known for its unique nature still untouched by humans, beautiful white beaches, and crystal clear water. Tourists come to this island not only to relax and lie on the beach but also to surf, dive, fish, and sail yachts.

Always warm and welcoming

Tahiti has the tropical marine climate, which is drastically influenced by the ocean that surrounds the island. The temperature variation is very small – only 10 degrees. Even in the coldest months like July and August, the temperature at any time of the day does not go lower than +20 ° C. During the warm season, it doesn’t get hotter than + 30 ° C. The summer is moist and lasts from November to May. The winter is not cold but dry and lasts from June to October. However, this division is very rough because the differences between these two seasons are not very significant.

The event you absolutely have to see

You probably know about the famous Polynesian hospitality and their tradition to welcome tourists with lei. But these people love flowers so much that they have created a separate floristic festival. Tiare Flower Day is annually held at the beginning of December to celebrate the women of Tahiti.

Today it is the most important floristic competition in the island. Both amateurs and professionals florists show their abilities to create large (50 square meters and more) and small compositions! During this period Tahiti turns into the total flower paradise!


Tahiti yacht charter

The coastline of ​​Tahiti is perfect for yacht charters:

  • It’s full of contrasts: the luxurious and dreamy beaches with white sand are followed by unique coasts covered with black volcanic sand.
  • The water is full of coral and more than 500 species of fish.
  • If you get bored by the main island or just want to explore some deserted beaches, you can always visit the nearest islands.

Thanks to the variety of options on the market, almost any tourist can find a suitable deal on yacht charters. If you don’t need the entire yacht, you can always save some money and get a stateroom charter. But if you want to build your own route and make stops for diving whenever you want, you should choose from a vast selection of motor and sailing yachts and rent the entire ship.

Most popular beaches

Plage de Maui is a well-known and picturesque beach in the southern part of the island. This is a fascinating location in a quiet lagoon with white coral sand. This beach is especially popular among the tourists with children.

The western part of the island is famous for another marvelous beach with the combination of white sand and small pebbles. It’s called Punaauia and it is loved by tourists for crystal clear water and a great variety of colorful fish in it. People snorkel here to see small sharks, clownfish, and stingrays.


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