Tesla, Come With The Most Absurd Flaw In Their Design


Tesla, Inc. an American company situated in Palo Alto, California that is the master in electric car manufacturing and through its SolarCity subsidiary, solar panel manufacturing. As of this year, Tesla sells Model S, Model X, and Model 3 cars. Now, over the course of the years, the company has been involved many times of designing cars for the Californian climate.

Now after all this introduction, a video was uploaded to YouTube in which the owner of a Tesla Model 3 showed one significant and quite stupid design flaw that has probably been overlooked by the designers.

More info: Bjørn Nyland | Tesla Twitter | Tesla

An owner of a Tesla Model 3 has demonstrated a major design flaw in the car

Image credits: Bjørn Nyland

The video was uploaded on YouTube and the owner of the car shows the inconvenience he witnesses whenever it’s raining. The video already has almost half a million views and more than 700 comments and was shared on various social media platforms.

Apparently, while designing the car, rainy conditions were not taken into consideration

Image credits: Bjørn Nyland

Bjørn Nyland owns the Tesla Model 3 and apparently, the shape of the trunk is a total design fail for those who live outside of sunny California.

As the video shows, the belongings in the car’s trunk got wet after opening it

Image credits: Bjørn Nyland

Bjørn has shown what happens to him all the time when the trunk of the car is opened after it has been raining – the result is sad but at the same time, hilarious.

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