Tesla Driver Sacrifice His Car To Save Life Of An Unconscious Driver


In Munich, Germany, a man in his Tesla Model S put his own safety and $70,000+ car on the line to save the unconscious driver. It is true that all heroes don’t wear capes.

He saw a Volkswagen Passat swerving uncontrollably on the Autobahn, slamming and screeching against the guardrail multiple times. While others honked and drove away, the Tesla Man noticed that person in the lane shifting car was unconscious.

As Muenchner Merkur reports, the 41-year-old Tesla Man sprang into action, and after calling the fire department, he pulled his Model S in front of the out-of-control Passat.

He went ahead of the Passat and slowly applied his breaks to contact his rear bumper with the front of the Passat. He brought both of the cars to a halt, and shortly the fire department came to assist and found the unconscious driver to be suffering from a stroke.

After performing his movie style rescue attempt, he saved the man’s life while sacrificing his own car. The newspaper claims that the Tesla cost of repair is about 10,000 Euros, but nothing is more valuable than a man’s life!

But there is a reward for our hero here.

Billionaire Elon Musk hails hero who sacrificed his Tesla to save another driver’s life (and says his car will be fixed for free)! So all ends well in the end.

Elon Musk

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