Tesla Model 3 Explodes Twice After Colliding With A Tow Truck On Highway

Tesla Model 3

Russian man Alexey Tretyakov and his two children hit with a tow truck that was parked while driving down a highway in Moscow. Luckily, no lives were spent during the accident. Tretyakov is hurting from a broken leg according to reports, However, the car was not this fortunate. Soon after the blast, Tesla Model 3 of Tretyakov exploded twice.

According to reports, the driver – Alexey Tretyakov – was using the driver-assist feature and a cropped version of the Autopilot. This limited the Model 3 semi-autonomous abilities to lane-keeping and not more. There have been several reports of a fire that included Tesla vehicles. However, this is the first incident where the newest Model 3 has caught on fire.

A traffic camera was able to record the video of the crash in low-quality. As you know, putting out a fire that is being fueled by a damaged lithium-ion battery can prove to be quite a complex business. A lot of the fire stations make use of chemical instead of water for stopping the fires. However, when it comes to an EV battery fire, it is recommended to aim a constant stream of water right at the battery until the fire stops. Once the fire is out, the firefighters are taught to make use of an imaging camera to examine the battery and discover that it has been cooled down.

Tesla has joined forces with Cal Fire and the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) for making a video back in April 2019 that outlines the steps that are necessary for effectively extinguishing an EV fire. Tesla has yet to publish a statement about the recent fire. But, the NFPA and the US Department of Transportation have said that one fire happens for every 19 million miles that are covered. This figure was also told by Tesla in its newest safety report.


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