Tesla’s Cybertruck Will Be Joining Dubai’s Police Fleet


Tesla’s Cybertruck comes with unusual shape and Tesla chose to give it a reinforced body and windows as well. However, some of the controversial design choices, there are many who are on board with this new SUV, like Dubai’s police force for one, they are interested in it as well.

In a recent tweet from the official Dubai Police Twitter account, they have announced that they will be adding the Cybertruck to their fleet. The tweet mentions that the Cybertruck will be added in 2020, which is odd because the production of the vehicle is only expected to begin in 2021. We’re not sure if it’s a typo or if the Dubai Police will be given early access. Either way, they want in on that action.

It does make sense since the Dubai Police are known for having a diverse choice when it comes to police cars. One of the cars of its fleet is an ultra-rare Aston Martin One-77, which simply seems like the kind of car you want to be chasing criminals with. Anyway, it’s nice to see even more people taking an interest in the vehicle. They have over 140,000 orders for the Cybertruck so far, with more coming every day. Hopefully, it will arrive on time.

Source: Ubergizmo

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