Thai Airforce is Bombing Its Own Country With 900,000 Seeds

Thai Airforce

This is the time when the world is struggling to correct the problems that have been brought upon in the name of science and progress. That is why we keep on observing new concepts that are directed at trying to repair the harm that has been caused by humans. Over the years, we have almost slaughtered our forests completely, and now people are working to bring them back and all the govts are working hard to make some sort of change to save their ecosystems. That is where the military of Thailand comes in with an unusual idea for planting seeds.

The answer to the problem that has been executed by Thailand’s military to plant seeds is not only quick and simple; it is also extremely effective. The method? We have seen war movies where planes bomb countries,  Thailand’s military exchanged those bombs with tree seeds and then bombed the area. The result? Plant growing on steroids!

Thailand’s military has upgraded to used military aircraft to disseminate tree seeds in areas that were past tree affluent. The expected results of the spread seeds will only be available by the end of 2019, and if this works; Thailand will carry this out every five years.

The method has been developed and improved over time. By using military aircraft for bombing an area using tree seeds, Thailand was able to plant 900,000 trees in a day using seeds which are local to the area. These local seeds are covered in a mixture of earth, compost, and clay for the purpose of facilitation of germination.

It is necessary to bring the forests back because biodiversity is seriously affected by the destruction of trees, eventually threatening lives. With less forests, we have problems such as soil erosion, flooding, reduced crop-yield, water cycle disorders, climate changes, and greenhouse gas emissions. We are confident that the results will be accurate and that this approach will also be utilized all over the world!


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