That’s Why No One Claims This Piece of Land Between Croatia and Serbia

Croatia and Serbia

It’s difficult to believe that there’s any unclaimed land left on the planet Earth, but you have to understand something new every day. A piece of land along the Danube River between Croatia and Serbia is still not claimed to this day due to a border conflict between the two countries.

According to the video made by RealLifeLore,

“From Serbia’s standpoint, the border is the Danube river as it is today and the unclaimed piece of land to the west of the river therefore is rightfully a part of Croatia.

But Croatia doesn’t claim it because if they ever did it would mean that they recognize the Danube river as it exists today as the border between them just like Serbia and it would mean forfeiting all of their much more valuable claims to the more plentiful land over to the east of the river.”

There have been prior claims to the land but neither Serbia nor Croatia will allow a new country to be formed there. So for now, it stands neutral and no one owns it.

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