That’s Why Your Measuring Tape Has Black Diamonds On It


Everyone knows what is a measuring tape and how to use it, but almost none of us have any idea of the small markings and numerals that are subtly placed in between the numbers and dashes. Today, we are going to solve that mystery and tell you what those markings are and how to use them.

We start off with the obvious details: the larger numbers at the top represent inches, while the smaller numbers on the bottom of the tape indicate centimeters.

These circled Roman numerals are present in between and describe the level of precision of the measuring tape. The smaller the numerals, the more accurate your tape is. 
The circled numbers on the left, shown in the picture below, represent the total length of the tape measure. The manufacturers print the length on the tape as it is required by the law.

These diamonds appear at the 19.2-inch mark and allow the construction workers to make five trusses in an eight-foot space. Truss layouts or items are usually eight feet in length, and when you divide 8 feet (96 inches) into five, you get 19.2 inches.

This accuracy would be difficult to complete without these marks because of the decimal point. Hence, the diamonds are placed to end the hassle altogether. While the presence of these diamonds may seem trivial to the average person; it is vital for the construction workers as most of the American construction materials come in lengths of eight feet.

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