The 5 Best Things To Do In Melbourne


Melbourne is known for its busy and dynamic lifestyle – the exciting centers, the bustling neighborhoods, the high mountains, and lush green terrains – Melbourne has it all. Other than its tourist destinations, Melbourne is known for its shopping districts. Tourists from all over the world take out the time especially to visit shopping centers in the city. You are bound to find whatever you are looking for – whether it be clothing, homeware, antiques, budget buys or food – anything and everything is available in Melbourne’s popular shopping districts.

Another popular destination is the casinos in Melbourne which are renowned internationally and add the final touch to your fabulous stay in the city.

If you are visiting Melbourne for the first time, you are essentially setting foot in Australia’s best and these are the 10 best things you should do during the time you spend in Melbourne:


1. Visit Queen Victoria markets

The Queen Victoria markets have been a food hub since forever and they have some of the most delicious and enticing food stalls in all of Melbourne. You’ll find a variety of cheese, bread, meats, and olives here. You’ll also find great souvenirs in the market to take back for your friends and family. You would be able to soak in all the beauty of the Victorian buildings as well.


2. Have coffee

While there is no compulsion to have coffee from certain places in the world or not, Melbourne has some of the best coffee places from all over the world. Baristas in Melbourne are known as masters of coffee brewing and you would not essentially find a bad cup of coffee in the city. So much so, the city also has an annual coffee expo and has great coffee places around every corner.


3. Play laser tag

While this isn’t that commonly known but you can get access to the best laser tag in Melbourne. One of their laser tag venues is a multi-level arena that has the best possible gear as your disposal as you enjoy adrenaline pumping laser tag activities.


4. Visit the botanic gardens

Botanic gardens in Melbourne offer a striking contrast from the hustle and bustle of the city. They are serene, calm and offer all the peace that they have to offer. If you get tired of the business and speed of the city any time during your visit, you should take time to visit the botanic gardens to restore your mind and body, and to gain some perspective.


5. Stroll for street art

Melbourne is home to some of the greatest pieces of street art from the world. During your stay, you should surely take time to visit some of the places around the city that feature great pieces of art. The city has this urban vice and contemporary feel because of the different street art in different parts of it. The city also has a street art tour where tourists are shown around the city the different places where street art is the most popular.

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