The Best Maps in CS: GO


It’s nothing new that CS: GO is very popular among PC gamers, especially people who are into gaming since around the time it was released. It’s competitive and challenges your mind to think about the best strategies to beat your enemies.

For those who don’t know, the game has a set of maps you can choose from when playing. Still, which are the best ones? Read on to find out.

Types of Maps

Before getting into the actual maps, you need to know that there are different types of maps. These are:

  1. Hostage Rescue Maps

On these maps, counter-terrorists have the mission to rescue hostages, and terrorists must keep them tied up and away from their opponents.

  1. Bomb Defusal Maps

Here, terrorists must plant a powerful bomb, while the other team has to stop them.

  1. War Games Maps

This is different from the other two types, as it comes with some additional shooting adventures and unusual missions.

The Best Hostage Rescue Maps

There are fewer fans of this map type, and it has a rather small map assortment. The best maps in this category are:

  • Agency

Although a custom map at first, it has been added to the official map set. The hostage rescue takes place on a top of a skyscraper, in a penthouse.

  • Office

On this map, players are in a virtual location with an office building and parking zones, and it can be found in every multiplayer game.

The Best Bomb Defusal Maps

There are many amazing maps in this category, but here are the best ones:

  • Overpass

The events on this map take place in Berlin, Germany. As a player, you appear on a canal overpass and a park. Terrorists will try to demolish a military shipment or the overpass when they plant the bomb near the pillar that supports them.

  • Nuke

Another map where the events take place in Germany, and it’s situated – you guessed it – at a nuclear station. Counter-terrorists will try to protect it from attacks, as the map is based on warehouses with nuclear materials.

  • Cobblestone

This map’s initial name was Cobble, back in the day. If you choose to play on this map, you will have to protect the fictional character Lord William. His house is about to be destroyed, and he is going to be killed otherwise.

  • Cache

The events here take place in Pripyat, Ukraine, where the terrorist team plans to make a huge explosion. As expected, counter-terrorists must stop the threat.

  • Mirage

If you choose this map, you’re up to a great game with a dangerous bomb. There’s a fictional town that has a Moroccan style architecture and is very popular among gamers.

Final Thoughts

CS: GO has many amazing maps you could choose from, and each one of them is sure to offer you a different experience.

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