The Biggest eSports Tournaments of 2021 And 3 eSports Betting Tips


Pandemic is not going anywhere and in the last year we saw many physical sporting events canceled, now the main focus shifted to virtual sports, and people are loving and exploring the new way of spectating sports, In this post, we will update you with the upcoming eSports events and 3 eSports betting tips we found from Sports Betting Dime that will help.

There were examples of top players in the NHL and MLB who are playing on a virtual platform for charity, which is being done from Formula 1 to soccer. And fans interact with their beloved heroes on a different level.

The world of eSports, electronic sports, is not something very new for most of us. In fact, some games already have a cult following and offer big monetary prizes for thriving and winning competitors, and they might not even be games you have heard of. Many video games now have their own eSports tournaments, which can be watched and streamed online and can be played at home that means you can social distance and play.

Not all of the games you might be familiar with, but these are four of the most anxiously anticipated eSports tournaments taking place in 2021.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Hot Spawn unveiled that we are getting one of the year’s biggest tournaments in the CS: GO, with Gambit eSports raising the game in February. There is still a lot to look forward to in one of the most successful eSports games with gamers, the ESL one in Cologne in July. There will be a $1m prize which is available for the winning team, with an approximated $2m available for champions at the PGL Major in Stockholm next fall, how cool is this!



This is another fan-favorite tournament to look forward to, FIFA is not a very lucrative form of eSports, but it is a game that crosses two very distinct industries, that of eSports and very famous casual gaming. Qualification is going on right now all over the world for the 2021 tournament, and some think the virtual tournament could grow as popular and big as the real thing, it is scheduled to take place in 2022.


League of Legends

Now this is a very popular title among the fans of eSports, League of Legends is possibly the most successful title in the eSports world today, and it can gather millions of viewers for its huge events, the Mid-Season Invitational and World Championship tournaments. The second one achieved a peak viewership of 3.8m in 2020 which is huge in eSports numbers and will likely have a $2m prize when it will happen later in 2021. The date is not final yet but it is expected to be late summer, early fall.

Now let’s talk about some tips, Why do you need pro Sports Betting tips?The evidence is in the name. Professional advice for free is not something you get more often in the real world, but here we will provide you with some.


1. Using Strategy

Once you’ve got to know and how the betting sites work, there are things you can do to turn a pass time hobby into a profession. This is a very detailed topic which we will discuss in some other post, but here you will find a rundown.

The most beneficial sports betting strategy you can acquire is bankroll management. Running an online account is necessary if you don’t want to go bankrupt. Preparing a schedule of bets is essential so you have sufficient cash left for a great tournament or event.

If you’re on the lookout for betting tips from professional betting gurus, you have to be able to act fast. You don’t want to see high odds but be too slow to back them up. There are plenty of apps that can mean the distinction between coming back for new bet or looking elsewhere.


2. Cash Out

Cash out is now allowed at many real funds sportsbooks. And it doesn’t matter if you play a bet on cricket, football, or tennis, a cash-out provides you more command over their risks. If you think the game is going sideways, pull out your money and move on.


3. Some Other Sports Betting Tips

Advanced betting plans stretch past the articles we have. There are constantly new features added by online sportsbooks and policies are evolving as well. Other than the main features we covered above, we also asked our readers to pick out other professional betting tips and share them with us in the comments section so the article can keep on evolving like the game.

A parlay is a bet including more than one pick. The odds of many bets are joined together to give one complete parlay or accumulator. To check out how much your parlay would turn, you calculate the odds of each part of the bet.

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