The Electric XBUS Is The Most Adorable Thing On The Internet Today

Electric XBUS

All together now…. Ahhhhhhh. Isn’t this adorable? It’s called the XBUS and it “is the most innovative and modular light vehicle in the world” according to its German manufacturer.

It might just be the most versatile vehicle we’ve ever seen, too. ‘Vehicle’ because with its dinky 10kWh battery and 75bhp output, it can qualify as a quadricycle rather than a car in some countries, we’re told.

Electric XBUS

A modular setup enables you to build whatever you like onto the back. XBUS gives everything from flat-bed pick-ups through to passenger-carrying buses, boxy vans, or even the most adorable campervan you ever did see. You can get an off-road option pack, too.

Solar panels provide it to accrue up to 200km (124 miles) of range, we’re told, while upgrading the battery to a 30kWh unit can bring up to 800km of range. Or just shy of 500 miles, which seems a LOT. We suspect if you load your XBUS up – as you surely will, given you’re buying something ostensibly practical – that figure will drop. Charging time is quoted as three hours.

There’s permanent, electrically controlled all-wheel drive and while the power output is diminutive, there are 737lb-ft of torque under there, which is more than most supercars. Given the top speed is sheepishly described as ‘over 62mph’, we suspect it’s all very electrically controlled.

“Its unladen weight without batteries, load, and superstructure is only 450-600kg,” we’re told, “but it can still carry up to 1000kg of load.”

Electric XBUS

A game little thing, then. And with a decent price, too. Prices start at around £17,000, rising to a smidge over £30,000 if you want an off-road ready camper like the one below, complete with “fridge, TV, hob, fresh water tank and sink” and a two-metre long sofa.

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