The Reason People Are Not Loving Target’s New Anti-Theft Shopping Carts

Target’s New Anti-Theft Shopping Carts

Prices are flying for consumers and businesses alike, and everyone is taking a second look at their lowest line in an try to shore up leaks where they can.

One place that some businesses like Target are finding to save some money is by stopping people from walking away with their shopping carts.

They’ve installed anti-theft devices that stop the carts from rolling outside a set perimeter near the store, but according to some consumer videos, they are malfunctioning very regularly and making life miserable for non-stealing customers.

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Recently this woman totally lost her patience, calling out Target after having to carry $500 worth of stuff (a regular day at Target) to her car without the help of a cart.

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Riley’s (@ririsimpson) video has been viewed more than 150,000 times and people in the comments seem to have a lot of questions – mostly about why she parked so far away to begin with.

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