The Slow Mo Guys: Apple Watches Eject Water in a Spectacular Way

Apple Watches Eject Water in a Spectacular Way

The Slow Mo Guys are back with a new video informational video, presumably due to social distancing.

This time he’s armed with a water-logged Apple Watch.

“Before the world ended I went swimming, and I saw that my Apple Watch had gone into water lock mode, where it sort of disables all the finger inputs from the screen,” he explains in the clip below. “To unlock it you spin the digital crown and it ejects all the water that’s inside it through the two speaker holes, using the speaker itself. It just sorts of fires water all over your wrist”.

“And I thought, that’s brilliant, that’s genius! I want to film that in slow-mo.”

The video below makes use of a probe lens and 2000 frames per second, capturing the small watch shaking those troublesome droplets loose.

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