The U.S. Navy Fines Pilots Who Quote TOP GUN


Many pilots in the U.S. Navy are fans of the movie Top Gun. There’s no doubt the movie inspired a lot of people to go into aviation. It seems like quoting lines from the movie would be a tremendous thing for pilots, especially pilots who make it into the actual Top Gun program.

Now Pilots at Top Gun are discouraged from quoting the movie. If they do quote it, they are fined $5. It’s not a huge fine, it’s kinda like a swear jar for the U.S. Navy. It is kinda amusing that they don’t like pilots quoting from the hit movie. There’s no doubt the movie inspired a lot of people to go into aviation and Top Gun 2 will keep on inspiring the next generation of fighter pilots.

This news comes from a new book which is called Top Gun’s Top 10: Leadership Lessons from the Cockpit by Cmdr. Guy “Bus” Snodgrass, a former instructor at the Navy’s advanced Fighter Weapons School. It’s revealed that pilots needed to pay $5 every time they are found quoting the movie. They’re expected to pay in cash the moment they get caught, with no excuses.

So, why do they want pilots to stop saying things like, “I feel the need, the need for speed” when they are walking away from their fighter jet? Snodgrass explains…

But, when you get to TOPGUN, because it is such a professional organization and you want to emphasize that you are at the top of your game, that it’s about professionalism, about good leadership, you don’t turn TOPGUN into a joke by referencing the movie.

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