Thieves Ransacking a Gun Store, Took Dozens of Guns

Thieves Ransacking a Gun Store, Took Dozens of Guns

This is not a scene from some upcoming COMMANDO movie but this is real life and it happened in Houston, Texas. A group of masked robbers chain a pickup truck to the doors of a store and rip the doors right off the building in a daring heist.

Houston Police are on the hunt for the thieves who made off with several dozen weapons in the frantic robbery of an area gun store.

Robert Elder, special agent in charge with the ATF Houston Field Division, whose agency is assisting Houston Police with the case, told KHOU that similar robberies are becoming “more prevalent” in Houston.

“Typically the groups that are stealing these will sell them for a profit, and they will a lot of times be sold to other criminals in the area and in surrounding areas,” Elder added. “It’s a source of guns. It’s a black market source of guns for the criminal element.”

According to authorities, once the thieves fled, they abandoned the pickup truck used to open the doors a few blocks away, fleeing that scene in another vehicle.

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