This Fairytale Village Without Roads Is A Dream Come True


Check out this gorgeous and serene fairy-tale village Giethoorn. Also known as “Venice of the Netherlands”, this enchanting village established around 1230 is the kind most people could only dream of…

It has no roads or any modern transportation at all, It only has canals and 176 bridges. Tourists have to leave their cars outside of the village and journey here by foot or boat by and obviously boats are without engines. So you can probably imagine how quiet and calm it is here. Even the village’s website says that “the loudest sound you can hear is the quacking of a duck or the noise made by other birds”. I have to say I want to fly there right now and start living on some tree because for sure I can’t afford anything there but I am tired of city life and wants to move to a place just like that. Share the post so I can have some money to at least go and visit it.

The village Giethoorn has no roads

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But that doesn’t mean there’s no way to get around…

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The most common mode of transportation is by “whisper boats”, which have noiseless engines

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Therefore, the village is very peaceful…

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The loudest sounds you’ll hear is probably the quacking of a duck (well, when it isn’t flooded with tourists, of course)

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Also known as “the Venice of the Netherlands”, this magical village was founded around 1230

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Its first inhabitants found numerous peat deposits and dug many holes over the years

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Eventually, these holes turned into lakes

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The newly created islands were connected with more than 176 bridges 

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Which give the village a cozy fairy-tale touch…

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